Inverted Tombstone Piledriver Driver

This variation sees an attacking wrestler first lock an opponent in the pumphandle hold before then using the hold to raise the opponent up over the shoulder of the attacking wrestler. Has anyone else come across this or similar sources? Blading professional wrestling which affects this page.

Please participate on that page and not in this talk page section. Is there a grandfather clause for wrestlers like the Undertaker so they can use their piledriver?

It was most famously used by Gregory Helms who called the move the Vertebreaker. WikiProject Professional wrestling Professional wrestling articles. Terry Bolea wrote it in his autobiography about the Undertaker.

Often referred to as a Tombstone Piledriver. Like Gwalla says, the receiver of the tombstone piledriver never actually hits the mat, ax5750 1gbd5-h driver unlike what the current description on the page implies.

Inverted tombstone piledriver driver

The wrestler then falls or jumps to his knees, driving the opponent's head into the mat. Couldn't find it anywhere else on here, and thought this would be the best place for it considering the description at the top of the page. This article has been rated as Low-importance on the project's importance scale. Start-Class Professional wrestling articles Low-importance Professional wrestling articles WikiProject Professional wrestling articles. The wrestler then drops to a sitting position.

The wrestler then jumps up and falls down to a sitting position, driving the opponent down to the mat neck and shoulder first. The wrestler then moves their left arm from around the opponent's neck to around the opponent's torso.

The Pancake is technically a facebuster that is executed from the standard piledriver position. And as for the kayfabe that the wrestler's head does not touch the mat during a piledriver is true.

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Professional wrestling moves Banned sports tactics. Super Dragon used this move throughout his career, calling it the Psycho Driver. Gannosuke performs is actually a degree over the shoulder sitout belly-to-belly piledriver.

Piledriver (professional wrestling)

It was often used to set up an opponent for his finishing move, a diving headbutt from the top turnbuckle. They then turn the opponent so that they are upside down on one side of the wrestler.

Talk Piledriver (professional wrestling)

This move will often see the attacking wrestler hold the move after landing for a rana style pinfall attempt. It is often also used by his kayfabe brother Kane.

Inverted tombstone piledriver driver

As Austin had feared, Hart botched the move and dropped Austin on top of his head. This move begins with the wrestler facing his opponent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Fire Thunder Driver is to be technically known as a sitout cradle belly-to-belly piledriver. It's also used by Brian Cage who calls it the Drill Claw. Facing his opponent, the wrestler reaches between their opponent's legs with their right arm and reaches around the opponent's neck from the same side with their left arm.

Inverted tombstone piledriver driver

The piledriver is often seen as one of the most dangerous moves in wrestling. No wrestlers are named, and only two are stated to have authorisation. There is also a seated version of this move. The opponent is now bent into a circle.

Inverted tombstone piledriver driver