2009 Nike Sasquatch Dymo Driver

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Regardless of the model, the face presents a fairly clean look with a grooveless sweet spot. Over the years I have won many long drive competitions at my local clubs during tournaments with my Persimmon head driver. The Hibore was like swinging a double car garage, the head was too big.

Nike sasquatch driver

My rounds are giving me more chances at the green and less time scrambling. The sound and especially the feel off the face is terrible, it feels like your hitting a rock.

Not how it looks but how hard it is to replace on the club. Simply chose the payment option that works best for you. The forgiveness of the club is remarkable. You are right about the head making the shaft look shorter- It seems at least an inch shorter at setup.

Not even the new Dymo line from Nike. High, low, toe- or heel-ward, the SasQuatch does what it can to keep the ball in the fairway. Appearance The SasQuatch is one of many cc drivers, but it may be one of the most unique when it comes to looks. The sound the ball makes coming off the Dymo is by no means a thing of beauty, but is also not as bad as its Sumo predecessors. The Victory Red line of forged irons are beautiful and now the Dymo line gives them a solid driver to go with them.

This club has seen normal usage for an extended period of time, at least one season, has been well cared for, and is still in good used condition. The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course. Had a chance to check it out at a demo day, they had all the gadgets hooked up so you could check swings speed, spin, launch angle, etc. Below Average This golf club has been well used, but not abused.

Nike has instead decided to tone that area of the clubhead down by replacing the silver with a much smaller, 82562et ez phy driver darker grey Powerbow. Nike Sasquatch Dymo Driver.

It is almost all that i have hoped for. Your email address will not be published. The better the condition the higher value given for the item.

The sole of the clubhead has also been toned down. Watch out, straightness does come at a price.

Now I am more like with occasional blasts into the range. It will be difficult to determine if it has been used. Hope this helps some reluctant sceptics. This is one of the straightest drivers I have ever hit. If interested, check out our fitting site to learn more about our philosophy and process.

That way I could more easily get the feel for each and be able to compare. What happens if there are any discrepancies? Do I need to include a headcover? Shows virtually no traces of wear and has been hit times total.

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Out on the course I was impressed. Fitting Message Every golfer wants more distance and accuracy.

Hi there i would reccomend the tour one i know its the older model but i assure you its the best. So i recammend getting a knew shaft. You will love it if you happen to be a big fan of bumblebees. This could probably fixed with a different shaft which is why you should always get fitted.

Remember when woods were made from wood? Looking forward to next season! Performance We as golfers have heard and seen it all, time after time. Poor This golf club shows considerable wear but is usable.

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With modern clubs I feel the sound at impact is an important factor when choosing a driver. Great driver that I am buying this week.

Nike SasQuatch Tour Driver Review

So good that it looks to make it into my bag for this season. Our stores are located in Minnesota, Arizona, and Delaware. The Tour version is free of this alignment aid.